PIA Care is everything: a new name, proven expertise

A new chapter in our long company history began in July 2023. The Haus Louise and HKP Andrea Schulz unite in name to form “PIA Pflege is everything”. In the world of care services, it is not uncommon for changes and New beginnings take place. The Louise House, which was founded in 1999 and the HKP Andrea Schulz, which were founded in 1991, are getting a new Names. The BBF Pflege Group took over Haus Louise 2021 and HKP Andrea Schulz 2019. For reasons of age, both facilities were looking for a Successor. Our employees come from the fields of geriatric and nursing care. nursing staff, care staff or housekeepers). Thus we are able to provide valuable, competent support in each of our service areas. Offer support. Both institutions maintain a lively exchange and benefit from each other’s many years of experience. Not only in old age a caring hand is becoming increasingly important, even in the event of unexpected strokes of fate or a sudden sudden need for care, it is crucial to have someone who has your back. someone who has your back. And that is what we can offer, both facilities have a wealth of experience of more than 50 years. We can proudly say that in both facilities some employees have been with us for many years and have been with us for over 15 years. years. Your expertise and that of all your colleagues are the foundation for steady growth and positive further development, of both facilities. Of course, we are constantly working on the Optimization of our processes.

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