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We are there for you with our many years of experience

We want to maintain our patients’ self-determination as far as possible or enable them to do so again, as well as meeting our patients’ demands for appropriate and professional medical and nursing care. We have increasingly networked our range of services so that we are able to provide comprehensive home care. The team looks after people who are more or less helpless in regularly recurring activities of daily living and need help from third parties. The patient is in his or her familiar home environment. We focus on personal habits while respecting privacy. Relatives are actively or passively involved in the care of the patient, depending on their wishes and possibilities, in order to fulfill their desire for physical, mental and emotional satisfaction.

Anja Seelig


This is the PIA Pankow

We are there for you with our many years of experience

Our vision

Person-centered care: An increased focus on the individual needs and wishes of patients and those in need of care. The care should focus more on people’s personalities, preferences and cultural backgrounds to provide and cultural backgrounds of people in order to ensure customized care. care. Interprofessional

Collaboration: Increased collaboration between different different healthcare professions, including doctors and nurses, therapists and social workers. This promotes a holistic and coordinated care model.

Support caregivers: Caregivers should be adequately trained, supported and remunerated. This can include the promotion of further education and training.opportunities for advancement, the improvement of working conditions and the and the granting of appropriate remuneration.

Prevention and health promotion: Disease prevention and health promotion The focus is on promoting health. Nursing staff should help people to lead healthier lifestyles and recognize illnesses recognize diseases at an early stage.

Cultural sensitivity and diversity: Promote cultural sensitivity and diversity to ensure that all patients and care recipients are treated respectfully and
receive appropriate care, regardless of their origin or identity.

Sustainability: A sustainable care practice to ensure that resources are used efficiently and environmental impact is minimized

This is the PIA Pankow

We are there for you with our many years of experience

Our mission

Patient-centered care: The best possible care and support
for patients and those in need of care. The well-being and The satisfaction of the people who need care is at the center of all efforts.

Empathy and compassion: Nursing staff are committed to being empathetic and compassionate.
be compassionate and understand the emotional needs of their patients
and to respect them.

Safety and quality: Includes ensuring safety and quality in the supply. Nursing staff strive to avoid mistakes and to improve the to provide the best possible healthcare.

Education and further development: Care organizations and professionals are committed to to continuous education and further development in order to keep up with the latest state of the art in science and practice.

Our employees

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Our trained and motivated employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Anja Seelig

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