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Our services

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We offer you the right care service for every circumstance. With our individual options, we will find the right path for you and/or your relatives.


Outpatient care

We provide support when you can no longer manage on your own. People in need of care are often no longer able to cope with everyday life without support. Our outpatient care therefore includes the following services:

Definition of care advice according to § 37.3 :
“People in need of care who are cared for at home without the help of a care service and receive care allowance must, in accordance with Section 37 (3) SGB XI have a care consultation carried out at regular intervals. This will often also referred to as a (mandatory) “counseling assignment” or “counseling visit”. “.


Care advice


Senior living community

The needs of sick, disabled and elderly people are increasingly being recognized by society. The Self-Determination Strengthening Act is on everyone’s lips today. Not at all times did these groups of people have sufficient advocacy to assert their right to independence and self-determination. Today, we are all called upon to create the basis for a life according to our own ideas for sick, disabled and elderly people.
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